Double Bass, jazz restaurant in Kiev

Double Bass

Double Bass is an eminent jazz restaurant in Kiev. It is comfortably located in the district of Podol. The restaurant commonly opens at 12.00 and closes when the last client leaves it.

Interior of the Double Bass attracts the views from the first seconds people enter the restaurant. Everything reminds about jazz style here.  Different music instruments and, of course, double basses are main objects of the restaurant’s interior. Take into account that these instruments are mostly the pieces of the collection of the owner of the Double Bass. Cozy leather sofas, wooden furniture, light jazz music create unique environment in the restaurant making the Double Bass favourite place of rest for many lovers of jazz and simply good friendly company. It’s just impossible to remain indifferent and sad when entering this comfortable and warm restaurant!

But we shouldn’t forget that people come to the restaurant not only to listen to fine music, but also to eat something delicious, don’t they. So, a few words about dishes you can taste here. Mainly European cuisines are represented by the restaurant’s menu. Especially demanded dishes belong to French cuisine, they are exceptionally savory when being cooked by the chef.

From 20.00 to 23.00 live jazz is played at the restaurant. You will be really pleased to feel that musicians play just for you this evening. The acoustics of the hall makes it possible to reduce the importance of sound amplifier. Music is professional, natural and beautiful. This wonderful combination of tasty meals and high-quality music makes people feel happy. To visit this place is to learn harmony and beauty of life!

Summer terrace enables visitors to enjoy their rest on open air. Just you and fairy world of jazz exist at this hospitable restaurant.

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