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Kazbek Restaurant

"Kazbek" is one of the successful restaurants in Kiev from the restaurant network widespread all over Ukraine. The atmosphere of the restaurant is sluggish, elegant and makes its guests feel the same. That’s why many politics and businessmen like to held here their business meetings as well as they like to have a rest after them in the company of the girls from escorts, who also know how to get and give pleasure. 

From all the restaurants in Kiev influential people of Ukraine choose this one because only here they can taste the best dishes of Georgian and European cuisine. The best dishes are satsivi, chicken tabaka, the liver of kumchachi and pahlava.  There are also menus for children, breakfasts, hookah and big banquet halls. It is really one of the best restaurants in Ukraine in Kiev where these dishes taste so good. And traditionally to these dishes you can choose here wine to your taste.

The atmosphere of the restaurant "Kazbek" is so warm and friendly that you can spend the whole day here without noticing it even if you think that you don’t like to sit in restaurants for a long time. In the evening you can sing Georgian songs, eat shish kebab, drink wine and listen to numerous toasts. The service in "Kazbek" as well as everything is perfect. It was appreciated not only by the guests of the restaurant but also by professionals. For three years it was granted in the inner rating of Kozyrnaya karta the title of one of the best restaurants of the network "Kazbek" in Ukraine. It is waiting for you from 11 am to 12 pm and offers discounts per Kozyrnaya karta.

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