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Mexican Restaurant "Tequila House"

There is everything in the beautiful capital of picturesque Ukraine Kiev. It is true about many things and about restaurants too. Here you can find the place with dishes to your taste. And you don’t have to spend much time and money to go to Mexico and taste their spicy dishes. You just can easily come to Spasskaya Street and see everything with your own eyes. There is situated a part of Mexico in Ukraine in Kiev. It is a marvelous and incredible restaurant "Tequila House", one of the best restaurants of Mexican cuisine in Ukraine. It welcomes its guests every day from 12 am to 23:30 pm and offers its guests if they have World Cards good discounts.

In the design of the interior everything is made to bring you from grey streets of the city in Ukraine to an adventurous world of Mexico, warm and yellow sends, green cactuses, red and spicy pepper and tasty tequila. This place is good for different kinds of meetings, celebration of holidays, and romantic suppers after meetings with a charming girl from escorts. The interior is at the first sight quite simple but it is made in the spirit of Wild West.

Among the numerous restaurants "Tequila House" is the only Mexican restaurant in Kiev. On its menu are traditional Mexican dishes and drinks: Fajitas, Kesadilyas, Nechos, Tacos, Buritos, more than 20 kinds of tequila, more than 50 cocktails, and 12 types of "Margarita". It also have a special offer "The menu for children", which cannot be found in many restaurants of high class. So, "Tequila House" differs much from other fashionable restaurants and it is really worth visiting.

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