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Oriental restaurant "Marrakesh"

"Marrakesh" is a fashionable restaurant of Moroccan and French cuisine in Ukraine in Kiev.  It is located in the historical center of Kiev – Podol. Its doors are opened for you from 12 am to 01 pm and on Friday and Saturday from 12 am to 02 pm. This restaurant is famous and known not only in Ukraine. Many guests from abroad often like to spend their time here in Ukraine and in Kiev. There is a special proposition in the restaurant. It is a business lunch from 12 am to 17 pm. They often come here after some business meetings with their business partners in the company of the girls from escorts whom they would surely like to impress. And in "Marrakesh" there is much to be impressed by.

In its walls intricately intertwined authentic interior of Maghreb and European serving of dishes. Draped with Maghreb carpets walls, brightly colored pillows, cherry footstools, secluded alcoves and lounge music by DJ's create a special mood of lightness. Everything is thought out till the smallest details and details are really important for good restaurants. All high class restaurants do not save on design which is a great part of the success of the place.

"Marrakesh" is one of the restaurants of the capital with the largest tea and a hookah map.  There are such kinds of tea - black, green, herbal blends, exclusive Moroccan mint. It was awarded the diploma as it is one of the best restaurants in Ukraine with the best Oriental cuisine. It also has won the prize "100 best restaurants of Ukraine". From Thursday till Saturday there are fantastic Oriental dancing shows from 20 pm. On Wednesdays there is a male bally dance.

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