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Oriental restaurant "Saffron"

If you once will be in the evening on a quiet street of Vorovskogo in the capital of Ukraine beautiful Kiev necessarily drop in the "Saffron", one of the best restaurants with Oriental spirit in Kiev. It is opened from 12 am to 12 pm. Oriental restaurant "Saffron" is one of the first restaurants in Kiev in which is so pleasantly  felt the East. And it is a well known fact that the East is a delicate thing. Maybe you wonder why it is so. It is because we always want to open up new lands and a piece of the most mixed and mysterious continent of Asia is perhaps the most wanted. And also you know that on the East there are many lovely girls, which color your grey evening and make you a good company. It is true about the restaurant too. Here you can spend time with a charming girl from escorts who according to your wish can dress colorful Oriental cloths. In the company of such a beautiful girl from escorts you will feel yourself like a Padishah and she also can dance for you there.

The restaurant "Saffron" was granted a prize "100 best restaurants of Ukraine". It also has a diploma of the best restaurant of Oriental cuisine. And the cuisine is really tasty, juicy, rich and aromatic. If you look for the best pilau cooked in Ukraine from all restaurants you have to choose the restaurant "Saffron". It kindly offers you national Uzbek pasties, khachapuri and chebureks, meat and fish from open fire and Oriental sweets. Like in most restaurants in Ukraine in "Saffron" you can have a discount per your World card.

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