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Restaurant "Da Vinci Fish Club"

"Da Vinci Fish Club" is one of the best restaurants of Italian cuisine of Ukraine in the center of Kiev. Its interior is designed in the style of the epoch of Renaissance. It is seen and felt in every detail of the restaurant. It looks as if Leonardo Da Vinci itself came and painted all the walls of the place. If you would like to take your girl from escorts to the times of William Shakespeare and impress her by a unique place from all restaurants in Kiev you should choose "Da Vinci Fish Club". In the center of the hall there is a big round counter which looks like a Venetian hat. If you look up on the ceiling you will see a real gondola sailing in the sea.

As in many restaurants of Ukraine in "Da Vinci Fish Club" in Kiev there are many different halls which differ in themes. But there is also something not ordinary for most of fashionable restaurants. It is a romantic balcony on the first floor for people who are in love, for "Romeo and Juliette" of our times. What a good thing to have in Ukraine the place where you can become a character of Shakespeare’s plays.

In the restaurant are served dishes of Italian cuisine from the chef. Not in many restaurants in Ukraine there are two big aquariums with live lobsters. You can come to the aquarium and choose the lobster you would like to be prepared for you.

You will have much fun in the restaurant. Every evening you can enjoy listening live music and the waiters will be dressed in costumes and sing Italian songs for you brining you to festive Italia. It is something incredible.    

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