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Sam's Steak House

Attention please! Here is a grill-restaurant for the whole family for a good, interesting and fruitful spending of time in Ukraine. Please make it feel welcome! At your service is "Sam’s Steak House" one of the most interesting and colorful restaurants in Kiev and maybe even in Ukraine. It is located in the center of Kiev.  It is opened from Monday till Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 12 pm. So, on your way to work you can come in and have a tasty breakfast to be strong and full of positive emotions.  You will not find among the restaurants the place to eat at 8 am. It is a new and special proposition from "Sam’s Steak House".

"Sam’s Steak House" is a comfortable homelike restaurant. The interior is really like at home with its curtains on windows, pillows and porcelain utensils on the shelves. Frequent customers like the restaurant for the tasty steaks, sporting events on a big screen and everlasting energy of the staff that creates and realizes funny amusement programs. Here you can have a good time and a good rest after your hard working day and visit the place with a lady from escorts, who, if you come to Ukraine for the first time, surely will take you to this place. She will recommend you the best dishes to taste. And there are many of them. From all the restaurants of Kiev only in "Sam’s Steak House" you will find "the right" salad "Caesar". It does not matter that it is called Steak house; here like in all fashionable restaurants you will find a great wine collection to steaks. Among the restaurants of Ukraine "Sam’s Steak House" is also famous for its culinary Master Class on Saturdays. Don’t waste your time and come to "Sam’s Steak House".

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