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"Story Cafe" restaurant

"Story Cafe" in Ukraine is a fashionable place on Podol in Kiev among other restaurants. It is a joint project of World Card and glossy magazine Story. That’s why glossy style is dominant in the interior and concept of the restaurant. The main idea that was put into interior the designer was "one step away from the star". It means that the restaurant is a magic place in Ukraine in its capital Kiev where you can have a meal in the company of a charming lady from escorts and surrounded by famous people whose eyes look at you from posters on the walls. In such atmosphere you will feel yourself a star too. But stars here are not only on posters. They like this place and often come here to have a cup of tea or coffee or celebrate some special event with friends. The spacious, comfortable leather sofas set up for slow, easy communication. It differs much from other restaurants of Kiev thanks to its interior. Also not many restaurants in the capital work from 11 am till the last guest. And "Story Cafe" does. From Wednesday till Saturday here sounds fashion-style live music.

Many restaurants in Ukraine specialize only in one type of cuisine. The chef of the restaurant "Story Cafe" very skillfully combined Italian, French and China cuisine. Under his supervision are created real culinary masterpieces which are appreciated by the guests. In Ukraine "Story Cafe" is in the list of the best restaurants, but it is more than a restaurant. This is the place of interesting stories that live not only on pages of glossy magazines but also happening now and here.

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