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Ukrainian restaurant "Shynok"

Hospitable and sincere generosity and hospitality, beautiful and sympathetic people, colorful customs and ceremonies, the centuries-old culinary traditions -by all these is Ukraine famous. The restaurant "Shynok" in Kiev is the essence of everything connected with Ukraine. It is really one of the best restaurants of national cuisine and local coloring. From 2008 it was awarded the diploma of one of the best Ukrainian restaurants. If you would like to please your girl from escorts after a hard working day and numerous meetings "Shynok" will be the right place. But if you are in Ukraine and in Kiev as a guest and don’t know much about the country and its culture then all the more so you should visit the restaurant in Kiev and the girl from escorts will show you it for sure.  First of all for you in the restaurant will be laid a generous table in accordance with the best rural traditions, and served dishes prepared by the original old recipes, musicians will sing Ukrainian folk songs and Shinkar will treat you with the original cherry brandy.

The soul of the restaurant is a tavern-keeper. It is an old Ukrainian profession, respected by people. So in the restaurant there is a real tavern-keeper, which in Ukraine is almost no left! He speaks four languages ​​and personally produces 14 types of infusions, and is the author of 18 varieties of beer. Not all the restaurants can boast about that.  The restaurant "Shynok" is good for meetings of small companies as well as for huge parties. You can sit for hours looking through the catalogue of restaurants but if you want to have a real Ukrainian wedding "Shynok" will be an ideal place. Its doors are opened for you every day from 11 am to 12 pm. As it becomes to fashionable restaurants "Shynok" offers you discounts.

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