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Varenichnaya on Khreshchatik Restaurant

The citizens and guests of Kiev know that Ukraine has been always famous in the world by its tasty dishes. And the symbols of Ukraine are varenyky. And where in Ukraine one can find the best cooked varenyky? Of course in its capital Kiev. So, welcome to one of the best restaurants of Ukrainian cuisine in Kiev – "Varenichnaya on Khreshchatik" Restaurant.

 One of the sights of the restaurant its chef aunt Luda will feed you with tasty varenyky which she cooks by herself from Tuesday till Thursday from 11:00 t0 00:00 and from Friday till Saturday from 11:00 to 03:00. You can go to many restaurants in Ukraine but nowhere else you will find 21 type of varenyky with different stuffing made by hands of the chef. Not in many restaurants you can not only taste the dish but also see how it was cooked. It is one of the advantages and interesting things in "Varenichnaya on Khreshchatik". While being in the capital on business ask your girl from escorts to show you ant take you to the place, because it is one of the favorite restaurants of all citizens. From Wednesday till Saturday you will be welcomed by live musicians and girls in national Ukrainian cloths. Hospitable hostesses will treat you with real home liqueur and truly Ukrainian snack salo with garlic and rye bread.

"Varenichnaya on Khreshchatik" is really worth visiting because it is not only the restaurant of high class but also the place of interest in the capital. It is known and loved by native citizens who always like to get the best. If you don’t trust their taste come and try it by yourself.

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